Often businesses are overwhelmed at the prospect of a cyber security review. They can be extremely costly, particularly for a full PCI Compliance Assessment. So many times, businesses simply do not conduct a proper review.
At SecureCompliance, our goal is to make your Cyber Security Review simple, easy to understand and affordable.
With over 40 years of hands-on IT experience, and over 10 years of conducting PCI Assessments for a Fortune 500 company, we understand how complex and intimidating Cyber Security can be.

We offer three simple services:

1. Basic Cyber Security Review

On-Site visit to your business, interview and review of network, wireless and workstation security. Written report provided of gaps found and suggested remediation for gaps found.


2. Standard Cyber Security & PCI Compliance Review

All services included in Basic Cyber Security Review, plus a review of PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance according to the latest PCI DSS v3.2.1 standards with a written report on Cyber Security & PCI Compliance gaps found and suggested remediation for gaps found.


3. Enhanced Cyber Security Review & PCI Compliance Assessment.

All services included in the Standard Cyber Security & PCI Compliance Review, plus a second visit to review remediated gaps and provide a written report on compliance.


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