Why using AI is a huge risk…

AI may be the latest trend, but do you understand the potential risks to using services like Chat-GTP?

Breach of Confidentiality.

Any information entered into Chat-GPT is exposed. Your input may be used to train Chat-GPT and could thus become the basis for the responses Chat-GPT provides to other users in the future.

Because Chat-GPT is allowed to use information regarding your use of the platform, your input could be linked directly to you or your Company.

There is no contractual obligation to keep your input confidential and no warranty that the Chat-GPT platform is secure.

Breach of Intellectual Property Rights.

Chat-GPT does not recognize if information is protected by Intellectual Property rights, such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, or trade secrets.

Any Intellectual Property (IP) entered into Chat-GPT becomes exposed.

Any output generated by Chat-GPT may contain protected third-party IP.

For example, if you ask Chat-GPT to assist in creating or amending source code, the output may contain third-party IP or source code subject to open-source licensing terms.

Use of such code in Company systems would expose your Company to potential liability.

Breach of Data Privacy Rights.

Because any information entered into Chat-GPT is exposed to its administrators without any contractual protections in place, inputting personal data into Chat-GPT may result in a violation of data privacy rights.

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